Slow Times

June 11, 2006 at 4:00 pm (Development, Misc, News)

Although in the last couple of days more updates have occurred than over the entire life of the mod (even though it may only be about 6 days old…). I'd like to note to everyone out there that you will be seeing less and less for the next couple of weeks, as all 3 of us have exams for uni. But hopes up, holidays are short after and the development will proceed like normal.

 I'd also like to state that currently Sertorius (and very little of my input) is working on the storyline and hopefully after a few weeks we can get you some more details.

Thanks and see you soon.


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Update – Media (Screenshots) 10/06/06

June 11, 2006 at 3:05 pm (Development, Media, News)

I know this post is a day late, but originally I thought many people may check anyway… but after looking at my own work I considered how they looked and realised that I NEEDED to post the new version update.

Although they still arn't that good, they are a lot easier on the eyes… 

Cellblock 9 Cellblock 8

Posted by Dazza

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Some Press

June 11, 2006 at 2:18 pm (News)

Thankyou eRJK from they have not only noted that our mod exists but has posted a number of details on their website. You have absolutely no idea how good this makes me feel!!!!! A link of the post (translated) has been posted below.

Edit: I have found another website (foreign… thus translated) and although some of the comments flame the screenshots (and my ability :P) I personally don't care. We all know that the screens don't depict much, but I think people will enjoy having something to look at rather than sweet nothing. Link again below:

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Update – Media (Screenshots) 09/06/06

June 9, 2006 at 4:09 am (News)

I'd like to announce that we finally have some demo maps and although these maps are extremely simple and don't have much into them, they show where we are heading for the mod. Visit the Media – Screenshots page to see them. 

Cell1 Cellblock

 Please don't be too harsh on them as this is the very first time I have ever created a proper map using Hammer and personally for about 4 hours work I think they look pretty damn good. Voice your opinions.

 Posted by Dazza

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New Member

June 6, 2006 at 4:33 pm (Misc, News)

Welcome Bobbles,

 An old mate of mine and I'm sure this project will move a touch more fluently with an actual programmer at our disposal and someone else who can help us with the mapping.

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Scared Stiff

June 6, 2006 at 3:46 pm (Misc)

I didn't think this would actually happen so soon, but recently I've been reading about some ghost stories, to inspire me if you will, for the mod. But after reading some of these stories, I can hardly move, every noise is freaking me out and I can hardly see straight. The most scary thing about all of this is that I'm reading of places I have been before….

 Thank God its 3:45pm…

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Mod development is a go!

June 6, 2006 at 2:57 am (News)

This first steps have now been taken into developing ODM. Currently both me (Dazza) and Sertorius are sitting down together and discussing events, past and the story that will take place. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a solid introduction to present you all with.

 One step at a time.

 If you don't see any action that probably because we are using the Dev Page (which only me and Sertorius can access) to ensure that what we post is of a decent quality before it becomes public. The Dev Page is just there for the developers to check each other's work not to hide all of our development from you.

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Quick thought

June 6, 2006 at 2:22 am (Misc, Uncategorized)


Many people carry out their lives oblivious to the emotion that dwells in their mind, heart and soul. But when this feeling is extracted it becomes all we can feel, it affects the way we think, feel and act. It causes our bodies to inject our blood with chemicals, our muscles to ache immediately, makes us run or freeze, and we wish for event to pass as quickly as possible. After it fades we feel almost empowered, exhilarated by the experience and we crave for more…

 Something to think about… Dazza

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Update – Concept (06/06/06)

June 6, 2006 at 1:49 am (Development, Gameplay, News)

Checkout the site's concept page for updates…

Posted by Dazza

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Update – Story (06/06/06)

June 6, 2006 at 12:19 am (Development, News, Story)

Checkout the site's story page for updates…

Posted by Sertorius

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