Updated 06/06/06 

This page holds non-specific aspects of ODM

Basic Idea

  • Create a horror based game in attempt at frightening the player
  • Player is first placed in a goal cell and given no awareness of their position
  • One shack remains inside the boundaries on the prison, with a very old man who regularly used to perform ghost tours until recent, he still resides in the shack
  • The prison has been shutdown for a number of years, anything from 10-15 with many still being left there, its closure is unknown
  • Noises grow as the player breaches the walls and events become more vicious
  • The player then discovers an old abandoned town outside the prison's walls, finding more issues with the land


  • Dark gloomy
  • Haunted
  • Spectral visions
  • Based in 1990-1995 Century technology and layout


  • Old rundown prison
  • Old style town, obviously older then that of the prison
  • Otherwise unknown


  • Events and discoveries leading to the uncovering of the issues with the past
  • Puzzle based world
  • — As of yet we have not determined if guns will be added to this mod

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