Daz’s Words

Updated 06/06/06 


The main reasons I decided I wanted to create a mod is that I have been interested in getting my head into the modding community for some time now but have never had the chance. This mod was formed from just one single idea (which is worded very nicely by Sertorius in the Story page) and have always been a massive fan of the horror genre. The image of the initial room with nothing but the light of death and the sound of leather footsteps, the user walking to the bars and pivoting to notice the face of the past…

There are a few other concepts that I may develop over the coming years if this mod is taken off the ground.

I personally don't have much background in modding, in any sense of the word. Coding, mapping or drawing not one I can do competently but through sheer stubbornness I think it can be achieved.

Thanks for reading my words.


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