Updated 06/06/06 


That was what you felt when you first woke up to find yourself in a cell.  The mattress underneath you was worn with age, and the springs in the bed had squeaked louder than a prostitute's false pleasure as you'd gotten to your feet to find yourself lost.  The walls had lost the sheen that you presumed they once had, and the bars of your cell on closer inspection were found to be rusted from, you assume, years of neglect.  The door open, you decide to venture forth, every step a thunderclap as you move into the weak light from above.

Empty cells, all of them, no sign of use and indeed, there is a fine layer of dust throughout them all to indicate none of them have been used in a long time.  It is then that the question begins to arise throughout the chaos of your thoughts, why am I here?  How did I get here?  Where was I before?

The slam of a door wakes you from your thoughts as you quickly duck inside another cell and kneel behind the bed.  The footsteps betray a confident stride, someone who knows exactly where they are and what they are doing.  The weak light betrays nothing save a silhouette as it passes by the cell you are in and continues onward only to stop, perhaps outside your cell.

You feel something new now.



1982 – Marktown massacre, an entire town of over two hundred inhabitants is killed overnight.  Some by poison, some suffocated with pillows, others still are found butchered in the street when authorities investigate.  A suspect is apprehended, details are suppressed and the media dubs the mysterious figure “Slayer”.  Hearings are carried out in closed courts, and the suspect is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, locked away and the key is not only thrown away but buried where no one can ever find it.

1987 – Despite attempts to resettle Marktown, people soon disappear after settling there.  Unexplainable phenomenon mixed with mysterious disappearances lead to any attempts to restore the city abandoned.  Similar problems are experienced in the jail just outside of the town, and likewise it is also abandoned.  The best way to deal with problems is clearly to ignore them, and ignored they are, Marktown ceases to exist or even remembered as those who remember try to forget.

1993, present day – You have awoken to find yourself in the cell of an abandoned jail alone, with no memory of how you got there, in fact you possess little memory at all. 


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